Director ···· Ricky Lam
Published ···· January 2021

Models ···· Jia, Basma, Parisa, Aki, Todd, Tsering, Amitav, Tommy, Amanda

Not long after I finished “IMMATERIAL,” I began to feel more introspective. Maybe it was because I finally listened to Taylor Swift’s “folklore” and all I could think of was Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of “Little Women.” As I began to moodboard up this next story, Taylor dropped “evermore” and I knew the signs beckoning me to follow through.

“Forevermore” is quiet, but yearning. My intention was to display what love was with every photo frozen in its own time. It’s up to everyone to interpret what those stories are, but all I can say is that their love is real and will never change.

Music that inspired “forevermore”