Virginia Tech Pamplin School of Business’ “Life of a Hokie”

Agency ········· VT PRISM
Medium ········· Broadcast, Digital
Launched ······ May 2017
Role ·········· Producer, Cameraperson, Editor, Color Corrector


Virginia Tech’s business school wanted to make their commencement more entertaining, but had trouble connecting with its students.


The short film would highlight key events in a Hokie's four-year college experience and it would premiere during the Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business graduation. This was a project PRISM was unaccustomed to due to its cinematic quality and immense creative freedom.

Acted as a producer in achieving my director's vision through filming, editing and doing behind-the-scenes work in terms of scheduling and casting.


The video reached up to 15,000 people on Facebook, making it Pamplin’s first time receiving that high of a number.