Author ········· Ricky Lam
Medium ········· Digital + Print
Published ······ 2018-Present


I’d never call myself a graphics or layouts designer, but too many hours were put into these little projects for it to only be laying around in my external storage. Self-teaching yourself Indesign, Illustrator, and Procreate is a necessity when you can’t afford to outsource your visual ideas to an actual professional!

Northern Virginia Coalition
for Racial and Economic Equality
Amidst the George Floyd protests, two of my friends decided to create a grassroots organization to highlight the various movements across the Northern Virginia area that fought for systematic reform on racial and economic equality. 

I wanted to model the logo after the Virginia state flag where it featured a woman dressed in Amazonian gear, depicting herself as “virtue.” Piggy-backing off that interpretation, I modeled herself as a modern-day, dark-skinned Black woman – a group who is far too often marginalized by every community. Holding Lady Justice’s scale and a sword, they both represent objectivity and authority. Removing the blindfold and having it on the ground has two meanings – being partial towards the lower and middle-class’ experiences and holding the upper class accountable, as well as no longer being blind to the systemic oppression and injustices many communities choose to ignore.

Green Buzz Agency’s
“Webinar Promotion”
COVID-19 took a big hit on industries where many media companies had no idea how to move forward with no shoots being able to be put in place. For Green Buzz Agency, the video production company took a pivot into hosting webinars with top executives from various companies across the U.S.

To promote the webinars, I was tasked in designing banners for all social platforms. The video production company social market was niche so I had a lot of freedom in determining the overall piece as long as it kept B2B heads sane. 

“Breonna Taylor Freestyle”
After weeks of gathering donations and distributing first-aid supplies to D.C. protestors during the George Floyd protests, my friend decided to delve further by returning to the studio and go back to his creative roots.

Combining together three iPhone photos, the finished design depicts a “shot in the moment” glimpse into the protests with enough obscurity to conceal the identities of the civilians. 

Hoa Vien Quan’s
“Menu Redesign”
Going out to my grandma’s restaurant is one of my favorite pasttimes whenever I’m home (I’m home often now so it’s practically a weekly occurrence). The restaurant is located within a Vietnamese shopping center where “homestyle” is placed on the forefront over “aesthetics.” 

Retaining the store’s flower imagery, I removed the store’s cluttered booklet and converted it into a one-page, 11x17” menu. Vietnamese people and older folk love having everything presented to them at once and the final design was something that favored them as well as making it a bit more sleek for younger audiences. 

Yassmin’s “Birthday Zine”
I promised myself I would never create another magazine for my friends, but I was running out of gift ideas and resorted to something I adore and one of my strongest layout work to date.

Inspired by PAPER Magazine’s iconography, “YESSS” is a collection of stories all centered on one of my best friends from the people who give her a reason to live every day.

Conjunctivitis’ “Banners”
I needed new Facebook/Macbook banners and I love doing the absolute most so I made designs that reflected very specific moments in my life. 

The former is depicted in a “Friends-like” sofa while the latter takes that idea and expands it into my time at “Mother New York” where pictures were framed behind us, displaying our journey into who we are today.