Client Work

I think I still have some unused assets I helped create during my time with a bunch of these clients, but I’m pretty sure I’m still barred by my NDA so I’ll keep things brief. Sorry! I don’t want a lawsuit!

Agency ······ Mother New York
Medium ········· Digital, Print
Launched ······ August 2018
Role ······· Shadow Producer, Case Study Cameraperson

Stella Artois “Les Hautes Pockets”

Designed to make a statement on setting the phone aside and take in life itself, Stella Artois and Mother New York created a faux fashion line to easily pocket their distraction away.

"Les Hautes Pockets" premiered around NYFW 2018 with billboards, bus wraps, social, and a broadcast ad. The commercial generated over 270,000 views online.

With this being the first major project I was involved in, I got to see the garments come to life all the way to its eventual shoot and unveiling to the New York landscape.

Organization ······ Humans of Virginia Tech
Medium ········· Broadcast, Digital
Launched ······ May 2018
Role ······· Director, Producer, Editor

Virginia Tech’s “Project Grad”

There’s a lot I could get into so this warrants a separate page!

Just know this really was such a creative high that I want to relive all over again. But we constantly move forward so newer and bigger adventures await.

Agency ········· VT PRISM
Medium ········· Digital
Launched ······ October 2017
Role ······· Co-Director, Producer

VT PRISM’s “PRISM Reel 2018”

During the middle of the summer, I was approached to start developing ideas for the next PRISM reel. I didn't realize that our group made one every year to show to the top agencies in New York. From there, three months of my life would be spent on executing this vision and pushing the student-run advertising agency into a new direction. Initially, I pitched the idea of being inspired by Apple's "iPhone 7 in 107 Seconds" commercial where it was a rapid, edgy recap of their press conference. I wanted to present PRISM in a completely new light, but ran into some trouble with keeping the brand image intact. Two months later, the reel evolved into a fusion of the snappy elements in the Apple commercial and the professional image of PRISM. The video highlights the mission and vision for the organization while honoring our past work and lasting impact on the nation.

Awarded Silver American Advertising Award for Roanoke, Spring 2018. As well as Golden Telly for Social Video - General Election & Discovery, Fall 2017. 

Agency ········· VT PRISM
Medium ········· Broadcast, Digital
Launched ······ May 2017
Role ······ Co-Director, Producer, Editor, Color Corrector

Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business’
“Life of a Hokie”

During the Spring 2017 semester, my current Director of Videography in PRISM at the time wanted to do a dream project before he graduated. The short film would highlight key events in a Hokie's four-year college experience and it would premiere during the Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business graduation. This was a project PRISM was unaccustomed to due to its cinematic quality and immense creative freedom.

The project took us nearly a semester to finish, where I acted as a producer in achieving my director's vision through filming, editing and doing behind-the-scenes work in terms of scheduling and casting. 

I guess this was my first instance I was motivated to make my own graduation video for my year. I really could
not let that branded content go. 

Agency ········· Mother New York
Medium ········· Print, Digital
Launched ······ February 2019
Role ······· Shadow Producer

DPA “For Me, From Me”

DPA noticed something – one-third of all diamond jewelry sales were self-purchased by women. With the campaign, the project is meant to celebrate the pride and joy women feel in purchasing a diamond for themselves. The ad premiered during the E! 2019 Academy Awards coverage and accumulated over 180,000+ views online.

Customized director reels for creatives and clients. Scoped for potential talent and was involved in the screening process.

Agency ········· Mother New York
Medium ········· Digital
Launched ······ June 2018
Role ······· Production Assistant

Mother New York’s “Blood is Blood”

For Pride, Mother New York wanted to call out a dated ban where men who had sex with other men could not donate blood.

Instead, their blood was collected and transformed into the ink that's etched into these shirts. The message and shirts were launched on World Blood Donor Day during the middle of Pride Month where the campaign was featured on Paper, Out, Pink News, AdWeek, AdAge, and more.

Assisted in production demands on-set. 

Agency ········· Mother New York
Medium ········· Digital
Launched ······ August 2018
Role ······· Beta Tester

New York Public Library “Insta Novels”
People believing that users attached to their smartphones caused the death of literature were wrong. With the New York Public Library's Insta, free literary books were released online into the feeds of thousands of young people. The campaign amassed 13,000 new followers in the first 24 hour, 300,000 Insta Novels read, and covered in

700+ publications including Vogue, AdWeek, and The New York Times.

Aided in beta testing the release of "Alice in Wonderland" on Insta.

Awarded: 2019 Webbys Winner in Social - Best Use of Stories.

1 Cannes Gold Lion in Design, 1 Silver Lion in Digital Craft, 1 Bronze Lion in Mobile, and 1 Bronze Lion in Social & Influencer.

...and more.